There is much to be said about being able to live the expatriate life. Spending years abroad providing expertise in your industry, being provided with perks that only expatriates can understand… this is clearly the life that most can become accustomed to. If you are a new expatriate and have just settled into your new home and your new work environment, as you work to understand local cultures and norms as well as enjoy local delights and explore secret treasures that you would not be able to see even as a tourist, it is time to get back to groundRead More →

When it comes to offshore investing or offshore banking, most people are totally in dark regarding the legitimacy and the legality of it all. Going offshore is a hundred percent legal, legitimate and a lot of people from politicians to business people to pop stars and the like opt for it. It is especially beneficial to expatriates, whose investment options are limited by them being foreigners. However, to make it legal, individuals have the legal obligation to report their offshore activities to the relevant government agencies, such as tax authorities. Basically, it is illegal to evade your tax obligations, lauderRead More →

Going offshore with a company, having concealed bank accounts in foreign countries and the like were once the domain of the affluent in the society. Imagine a Swiss bank account, having a marvelous residence in Monaco, and the Ronny Biggs in Brazil – these are items that only a few super rich members of the society could afford. However, times have really changed and through the internet, accessibility to tax reduction assistance and methods (for instance going offshore) has not only become possible, but has also become a reality to all types of average investors. So why going offshore? Currently,Read More →