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Why expatriates opt for offshore investing and banking options

You have just landed a job in a foreign country and in a few weeks time, you and your family members have to relocate to the new workstation. Under the new environment, it is probable that you won’t have gathered enough information regarding the merits of off-shoring your finances. After all, most governments discourage their citizens who work onshore from investing in foreign countries. Rather, they encourage them to invest inwards.

There are numerous reasons for this. For one, the government encourages its citizens to honor their reporting responsibilities, especially when it comes to taxes. The reason for this is simple; they want to keep an eye on their citizen’s money and assets where they could easily be monitored, hence preferring them being onshore where it is easy to do so. Nevertheless, when you are posted abroad, this monitoring becomes impossible as you are out of your government’s direct jurisdiction. This being the case, you can easily be able to invest in the country you are in, or in any other country you may deem appropriate to invest in, thus the importance of understanding the offshore investing procedures of diverse foreign countries.

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