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Offshore asset protection: How is it done?

Is going offshore the best investment plan to help protect an investor’s assets from the creditors or litigants? The answer may seem easy, but it is not. This is because it actually depends on specific case circumstances. However, to get a clear understanding of this matter, you need to consult a qualified and an experienced offshore asset protection specialist. What do you need to consider before making a decision as to whether to move your assets offshore? Below are some key factors to help you decide.

  • The type of your asset: Offshore plans are mostly suitable for protecting your liquid assets. For example, if you want to protect your bonds, jewelry, stocks, short investments and so forth, going offshore is generally the best idea.
  • The assets net worth: If your liquid assets are worth more than a million dollars, it is better to transfer them to an offshore company or entity for their security or protection.
  • The legal hassle and the risk factor: Any high risk business or profession attracts or is susceptible to lawsuits. So if your business or profession falls under this category, then it is advisable to opt for an offshore option as it will offer you better protection as compared to a domestic one.
  • The amount of money to spend: Offshore investing requires some more complex strategies so as to succeed.
  • The time for creating an offshore planning strategy: A domestic investment option is only good if there are no claims against the investor, especially so at the planning time. However, it won’t hold ground if you are already a party to a suit.

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